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Magical Girl Loses Her
Transformation Trinket (temporarily)

Action, animation.
Magical girl Sylphium just wants to beat the monster of the week and go about her day when suddenly, her magical trinket slips from her grasp. At least her partner Persephone's here to pick up the slack.

I'm Coming Home from "The Tale of Shimcheong"

This music video was created as part of a reimagining of the Tale of Shimcheong, a Korean folktale.

Sacrificing herself, Shimcheong dove into the sea. She floated to the bottom of the sea and could not believe her eyes. Before her stood the palace of the Dragon King. She dwelled happily in the palace for a time but soon, she grew sad, longing for her father, for the sun, and for the world above the water. She wandered the palace at night, singing for the world she wished to see again.

Music by Julia Riew.
Sung by Claire Kwon.

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